Crossbow Bolts


3 medieval crossbows bolts 12 inch long

Medieval Crossbow Bolts 12 Inch Long


Most crossbows shoot bolts (also called quarrels) that are made out of hard wood. The front end has a steel point. The crossbow bolts length is usually between 12” to 17.5” inches.

Most of the crossbow bolts where fitted with two sided vanes 180 degrees apart from each other. in some cases there where 3 vanes – 2 from each side and one on top.

Different Forms Of Crossbow Bolts

Crossbow Bolts

Fletching where made from feathers 3-5 inches long, glued into slots in the sides of the bolts.

The back side of the shaft, being coned, so it will be fitted in between the fingers of the roller nut to prevent the bolt from slipping forward when the crossbow is aimed downwards.

The front tip of the bolt was shaped in a way that it would not touch the upper stock (groove), in order to reduce drag and friction when it was propelled by the bow string.

Bolts Heads

Bolts Heads


Bolt Dimensions:

  • Length – 12.5 inch
  • Length of the head – 3 inch
  • length of the back end butt – 1/2 inch




How To Make A Crossbow

How To Make A Crossbow

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