This website was created for the pure love for crossbows and not as a weapon for hunting uses.

I love animals, don’t eat them and defiantly do not want anybody harming them.

Ok, so why should you build your own Medieval Crossbow?

  • Crossbows are fun and very easy to shoot
  • They’re quite easy to make
  • It’s cheaper. Medieval crossbow replicas cost ranges from 700$ to over a 2000$
  • You can easily make a wooden crossbow right at home. They’re very easy to make and most materials easily be found at your home or at any hardware store.

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This website is all about how to build a Crossbow. Here you’ll find mass of info on medieval crossbow ‘s, each section of the the crossbow has its own website section , from the crossbow Bow, Roller Nut, Trigger, Stirrup, Stock, Bow String, Bolts and many more.

Another important section of this site is a step by step online video course, which will show you how to make a medieval crossbow from scratch.

Crossbows are cool, fun to shoot, accurate and quite easy to make. With the step by step “how to make a crossbow” online video course you will learn how to build your own Crosbow – medieval style crossbow. It’s not complicated.

My First Homemade Crossbow (Medieval Crossbow)

Really, when I started looking into crossbows, especially medieval or homemade Cross Bows ( I was 17 years old), I thought to myself that it’s complicated to try and build one, and that you probably need so many tools and knowledge about wood and steel. I thought maybe I should buy one…

Back than the Internet was not invented yet so finding information on such a subject was hard, extremely hard.

I went to several local library in order to find information about crossbows and how they where built, but I was still missing some information.

I was faced with 2 major problems (from the lack of information):

  • The bow (sometimes called prod) material, shape etc..
  • The trigger mechanism – how “da’ hell” should the trigger resist such a tremendous force from the bow.

Actually I came up with quite a clever design for the trigger mechanism (Giving myself a pat on the back – I know 🙂

Later, it happened…. I decided that no matter what, I am going to build a Medieval Crossbow.
(Remember I was only 17 at the time (Internet was not invented yet)

Since then I gained lots of knowledge and I built lots of Medieval Crossbow ‘s getting better and better each one.I thought that I should share my knowledge with you.

So in this step by step online video course you will not need any extra-ordinary wood or blacksmithing skills and you will able to build your own medieval crossbow in your back yard or garage using some popular woodworking tools.

You will also get TONS of information about medieval crossbow‘s including how to make crossbow bolts, Homemade Crossbow, bow string, Crossbow Broadheads, Crossbow Arrows, how to DIY Crossbow, Crossbow Bolt, Crossbow Trigger, crossbow string, Crossbow Plans, Crossbow Arrow, Crossbow Quiver, medieval bow, Crossbow Design, full detail crossbow plans, crossbow designs, crossbow templates and crossbow blueprints.

And now For Some Info and picture on Medieval Crossbows.

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A crossbow is a weapon, which was developed from the long bow. It consist a horizontal shorter bow mounted on a stick (called a tiller or stock) that shoots projectiles (arrows) called bolts or quarrels.

The objective of the stock is for holding the bows string in a drawn position ready to fire.
Medieval Crosbow stocks where made out of wood, ash, oak or yew.

In the beginning there where wooden bows that where later replaced by composite bows that where made from layers of different materials such as wood, horn and sinew, bonded together.

Once steel became more commonly available in Europe around the 14th century, steel bows came into use.

Crossbows shoot bolts at a fairly low velocity of 130 to 260 feet per second.Crosbow draw weights are extraordinarily large, created with a quite short power stroke.

Light Cross Bows where drawn by hand, but heavier types need the help of an additional mechanical device.

Crossbows where important in the warfare in Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean.

Cross Bows changed the role of ranged weaponry, as the traditional long bow had been a weapon requiring a considerable degree of lifetime training, physical strength and expertise to operate with any degree of efficiency. Crossbows, however, where the first simple arrow based weapons and they where relatively cheap to make.

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